TV Show Focuses on Urban ‘Eco-Renovation’, Reduced Carbon Footprint, and Protecting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Washington, DC -- August 7, 2009 – DC couple, Shelley Cohen and Mike Gala, will be featured on the Renovation Nation TV Show on the Discovery Network’s Planet Green Channel, at 9:00pm on Friday, August 7, 2009. The couple worked with Steve Thomas, the show’s host, to install three green projects at their home. “We are committed to making our living area as green as possible and reduce our impact on the environment… especially for the sake of our daughter.” noted Cohen and Gala.

The Cohen/Gala Family had just completed an interior green remodel and development of an eco-friendly kitchen addition when they were offered the opportunity to appear on Renovation Nation. The addition, which replaced an existing structure that was deconstructed and donated to a salvage yard, used forest council certified wood, Icynene spray foam insulation, low toxicity siding, EnergyStar windows and doors, non-VOC paint, and a standing seam metal roof.

On the show, Renovation Nation focused on how a family in an urban environment could be green within and outside their home. Fundamental kitchen elements were installed, including a cork-tile floor, purchased at Amicus Green, a local green hardware store, and concrete and recycled windshield glass counter tops, crafted locally by Concrete Jungle. The third project involved creating an outdoor living area using ‘bricks’ made from recycled tires and bottles, which allow water to permeate and reduce storm water runoff into local waterways.

Mike and Shelley engaged a team of green contractors and technical experts to help implement their urban eco-renovation, including the DC Government’s River Smart Homes program, National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Habitat program, and also worked with Casey Trees, a non-profit group working with the DC Government to grow the tree canopy in DC. For contact information for these cutting edge programs and contractors please see, www.livinggreenindc.com.

The green home movement is now sweeping the nation, but long before it was ‘in vogue’ Shelley Cohen and Michael Gala were renovating living spaces using green materials, while reducing consumption, and minimizing their carbon footprint. Today, they are widely regarded as one of Washington’s go-to green teams. They have combined their talents to coordinate multiple projects together, including the greening of a condominium they previously owned on Wisconsin Avenue. Read about that project in AIA DC Magazine: http://www.aiadc.com/architectureDC/Summer052green.pdf.

The recent birth of their daughter, Sienna, has only made their passion for creating eco-friendly home spaces even stronger, and has pushed them to go further on their home upgrades. Next up for the Cohen/Gala family, solar panels, which will help them reach their goal of a carbon neutral home.

Shelley Cohen, an environmental project developer for Ameresco, and Mike Gala, an Architect with the Federal Government, have lived in DC for 17 years. The couple met 10 years ago, and married in December 2001. In May 2008, they welcomed a daughter, Sienna, to their lives. Mike and Shelley are partners in life, love, and all things eco-friendly.